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Nature’s monuments around Tennsee

In order to better familiarise our guests with the unique diversity to the fauna, flora and  habitat of the Tennsee area, we at Alpen-Caravanpark Tennsee came up with a novel idea: three large information panels set up in the campground so as to be readily accessible to all, presenting interesting regional facts and sites to guests and hikers in four languages.

Buckelwiesen meadows

The Buckelwiesen (literally: hummocky meadow) is a unique natural treasure to Alpenwelt Karwendel. An information panel stands on Seeuferweg, which leads to the Buckelwiesen, and explains in simple language how these distinctive mogul-like knolls around Tennsee came to be, the specifics of their management and their unique floral diversity. The panel directly on the lake also explains how the landscape was formed by the glaciers of the last Ice Age.

Life in and by the brook

The panel is located right on the brook behind the playground and includes facts about the Kranzbach habitat and that of its banks, the animals and plants found here, and the challenges it faces every day.


This lakeside information panel offer a illustrative depiction of what karst is and how this phenomenon develops. Since the Alpen-Caravanpark Tennsee is situated right at the heart of the Northern Limestone Alps, attentive visitors will note karst at every turn. Between Krün and Barmsee, impressive sinkholes have formed, limestone erodes away from the trails and even much of the Buckelwiesen itself are karst features.

The information panels were created by Josef and Vera Karner at their GEO-TRIP® company in Krün. The married couple, who have been designing and arranging educational nature trails for years, also offer guided tours for all ages. Please visit www.geo-trip.de for more information and schedules.

Botanical and herb naturalist walks
An expert botanist/herbologist leads you into our spectacular surroundings to introduce you to the beauty and distinctiveness of our local natural and plant world. Walks last 2-3 hours.

Meeting place: Gröblalm panoramic display, every Wednesday at 10:00 a.m. (May to mid-October)

Info Botanical and herb naturalist walk