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Restaurant „Beim Mini“ at the Tennsee
Excerpt from the menu

Cold hors dóeuvre

Vitello tonnato slices of veal with tuna sauce, served with baguette EUR 8,55
Chicken salad garnished with fruits and cocktail sauce, served with butter and toast EUR 8,95
Camembert (3 pieces) fried in almonds, fruits, fried parsley cranberries, butter and toast EUR 8,95

Hot favourites from the soup pot either as a starter or entrée

Bavarian Liver Dumpling Soup rich meat stock with one liver dumpling EUR 4,90
Rich beef broth with stripes of pancake and fresh parsley EUR 4,90
Homemade Goulash Soup1 “hot” with a lot of meat and diced potatoes, one slice of bread EUR 5,90

Fresh salads

Salad “homemade style” with fresh salads of the season, tomato, pepper, cucumber, homemade dressing and baguette aside EUR 8,95
– served with falafel EUR 10,95
– served with tuna and onions EUR 11,95
– served with chicken breast EUR 11,95
Bowl of salad from our buffet EUR 5,95

Vegetarian dishes

Baked potato with sour cream and a small salad EUR 6,95
Baked potato filled with vegetable Chili, garnished with a small salad EUR 9,55
Goat cheese baked with herbs, garnished with a small salad, served with baguette EUR 11,25
Home made Cheese-dumpling with brown butter, grated parmesan and leaf salads aside EUR 11,95


Spaghetti Bolognese meat and tomato sauce1, parmesan EUR 8,95
Gnocchi piedmontese style with tomato sauce, sage, parmesan cheese and Tyrolean ham EUR 13,25
Noodles Sicilian style with tomato sauce, fried gambas, eggplant and garlic EUR 13,95

Fish specialities

Filets from the tender red herring “homemade Style” cream sauce2 with onions and apple slices, steamed potatoes EUR 12,25
Grilled fish fillets from zander, salmon, ocean perch and scampi with herb butter, baked potato and lamb´s lettuce EUR 17,50
Freshly caught trout “blue” or fried with herb potatoes and salad from our buffet EUR 17,95

Bavarian specialities

Apple pancake a speciality from South Tyrol with raisins5 and cinnamon sugar EUR 8,70
Omelette farmer style with home fried potatoes, bacon7,10  and onions, gravy EUR 8,90
Kaiserschmarrn (Emperor´s Pancakes) with raisins5, roasted almonds and fruit cocktail EUR 9,50
Home made Swabian noodles with cheese gratin, roasted onions and salad from our buffet EUR 10,50
Home made spinach dumpling served with seasonal vegetables and parmesan EUR 10,25
Flammkuchen Alsatian style with sour cream, leek, bacon and salad from our buffet EUR 12,25
Roast Suckling Pig fresh from the oven served with gravy, red cabbage, homemade bread dumplings EUR 12,50
Fried chicken with Bavarian potato salad and salad from our buffet EUR 13,25
Schäufele Bavarian specialty from pork, served with potato dumpling and Bavarian cabbage salad EUR 15,95
Tennsee Barbecue plate roasted turkey, pork11 and beef, bacon7, 10  and grilled sausages, served with home fried potatoes7, 10 and herb butter EUR 16,55

International specialities

Steak from the neck of pork with onions and home fried potatoes7, 10  EUR 12,50
Pork “Schnitzel” in cream mushroom sauce, served with homemade Swabian noodles EUR 12,50
Tafelspitz beef served in broth with seasonal vegetables and potatoes and horseradish EUR 16,25
“Schnitzel” Vienna Style served with French fried potatoes, cranberries and salad from our buffet EUR 17,95
Zwiebelrostbraten Roasted beef (ca 200g) with fried onions, home fried potatoes7, 10  and salad from our buffet EUR 22,95
Beef Fillet Steak cognac pepper sauce, rosti and salad from our buffet EUR 26,95

Game specialities

Wildboar back (Wildschweinrücken) cranberry sauce, stewed vegetables and sweet potato fries EUR 15,95
Venison goulash with mushrooms, served with potato dumpling and a small salad EUR 16,55

Dishes for two or more

The Werdenfelser Special three steaks on toast with bacon slices7, 10, homemade herb butter, Sauce Bearnaise, mushroom heads, served with selected vegetables and french fried potatoes
per person EUR 27,95
Chateaubriand Double filet of beef garnished with herb butter, Sauce Bearnaise, mushroom heads, choice of vegetables and potato croquettes per person EUR 32,95

Gourmet dishes to be ordered in advance

Fondue with chicken and turkey or pork and beef with oil or broth, served with fruits, vegetables, a spicy and a fruity sauce and baguette per person EUR 28,95
Knuckle of veal fresh from the oven for two or more served with bread and potato dumplings 5  and choice of vegetables, gravy per person EUR 29,95
Mixed game hunting style loin of deer, breast of pheasant, sauted wild mushrooms,
cream sauce with gin, pineapple sauerkraut, filled peaches, bread dumplings, Swabian noodles
per person EUR 33,95

Warm snacks and sandwiches

Bavarian Liver Dumpling Soup rich meat stock with one liver dumpling EUR 4,90
Homemade Goulash Soup 1  “hot” with a lot of meat and diced potatoes, one slice of bread EUR 5,90
3 Wiener sausages 2, 4, 7, mustard and bread EUR 5,90
Münchner Weißwurst pair of sausages with sweet mustard and a bavarian pretzel EUR 5,95
Tiny Beef Goulash with swabian noodles EUR 9,50

Cold snacks and sandwiches

Limburger cheese garnished with onions and bread EUR 6,95
Cheese bread or ham bread 7, 10  with egg and sour vegetables2 EUR 8,10
Strammer Max11 ham bread with two fried eggs EUR 8,10
Swiss Sausage Salad Lyoner sausage2, 4, 7, cut into stripes, cheese, cucumber2, tomatoes and sauce vinaigrette, served with bread and butter EUR 8,95
Pork head in aspic11,, with onions, sauce remoulade2 and home fried potatoes EUR 8,95
Bavarian Sausage Salad Lyoner sausage slices with onions, sauce vinaigrette, bread and butter EUR 9,10
Bread–time-board Mountain cheese, pork butcher ham, fireplace turmeric, black forest ham, spicy cucumber, horseradish, bread and butter EUR 13,25
Cold medium rare Roast Beef with horseradish5 served with home fried potatoes EUR 14,95

1 – with pigment ( E124, E211, E150d)
2 – preserving agent in cucumber (E250, E220)
3 – with Antioxidant (Natriumetabisulfat)
4 – taste amplifier E621
5 – sulphurised
6 – with black pigment
7 – with phosphate
8 – with saccharin
9 – with chinin
10 – with smoke
11 – nitrite curing salt

On request our dishes are also available as smaller portions for seniors.
Dear guests, if you are affected by allergies, please inform our waiters.
Our separate allergies list will inform you about the allergenic ingredients contained in the food.

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