Enjoy being active during the winter season …

Our entire team wishes you a wonderful and relaxing stay in the coming winter season. At the reception we will gladly inform you.



Rental of snowshoes from the regional ski schools.

Ski touring


Ski touring nature trail on the Kranzberg

… experience nature on skis …

A very special highlight awaits winter athletes and especially ski tourers on the Hohen Kranzberg – the K2 Kranzberg route. The best signposted route leads from the valley station of the Kranzberg chairlift to the nearby beech forest and across various meadow slopes to the ski paradise on the Kranzberg. For ski tourers there is a short steep section that ends below the Korbinianhütte and then leads to the top station of the Kranzberg chairlift. Pass the St. Anton mountain inn and through the idyllic mountain forest of the Kranzberg up to the 1,391-meter peak of Mittenwald’s local mountain.


Ski touring Seefeld Rosskopf

More information at www.skitourengehen.info

Skitouren Seefeld Rosskopf

More information at www.skitourengehen.info

Horse-drawn sleigh rides

Horse-drawn sleigh rides are a unique experience that is remembered for many years to come. Bookings and information are available at tel. 08825-952120, Georg Porer.

Winter hiking


Recommended cleared winter hiking trails

A1 Isartaler Rundwanderweg (ca. 30 km)
Krün – Wallgau – Barmseerundweg – Klais – Schloss Kranzbach – Elmau – Ferchensee – Lautersee – Mittenwald –
Aschau Kapelle (Aschauer Alm geschlossen) – Krün
A2 Krün – Hochstraße – Tonihof – Gröblalm – Mittenwald – Krün (ca. 12 km)

More cleared winter hiking trails

(Kilometer und Zeitangabe für einfache Wege)
• Isarbrücke – Stausee – Aschau Kapelle (Aschauer Alm geschlossen) – Mittenwald, 9 km, 2 Std.
• Feldstraße – Hochstraße – Tonihof – Mittenwald, 9 km, 2 Std.
• Krottenkopfstraße – Barmseerundweg – Barmsee – Krün, 9 km, 2 Std.
• Isarbrücke – Auhütte – Wildfütterung (Zugang nur mit Führung, Anmeldung im Verkehrsamt), 3,5 km, 1 Std.
• Feldstraße – Waldfriedhof – Tunnel – Hochstraße – Tennsee – Barmsee – Krün, 7 km, 2 Std.
• Isarbrücke – Stausee (Rundweg), 2 km, 1/2 Std.
• Krottenkopfstraße – Wiesenweg – Wallgau, 2 km, 1/2 Std.
• Verkehrsamt – Hofgartenstraße – Wallgau, 2 km, 1/2 Std.
• Krün – Barmsee – Tennsee – Klais, 5 km, 1 1/2 Std.
• Klais – Schloss Kranzbach – Schloss Elmau – Ferchensee –
Lautersee – Mittenwald, 14 km, 4 Std.
sowie weitere geräumte Wanderwege um Krün und Klais.


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Cross-country skiing


Enjoy the beautifully maintained cross-country trails in Krün (classic and skate) – click here for trail map


Torchlit winter walks

Geführte Guided winter walks by torchlight
Info at the reception

Ski schools


Gerhard Kriner
Tel. 08825-92 18 80

Vereinigte Skischule Mittenwald
Tel. 08823-8080


For beginners at the Barmseelift (approx. 500 m from campground); for more advanced at the Kranzberg resort near Mittenwald (free ski shuttle)



Eislaufen am Eisplatz in Krün im Eisstadion in Mittenwald
Isarauenstr. 21
Tel. 08823-8012


Olympia-Eisstadion in 
Am Eisstadion 1
Tel. 08821-753291


For adults and children at Tennsee or Barmsee lake; for more advanced at Kranzberg (toboggan run), Info at the reception.

Game animal feeding


Info at the reception