Restaurant „Beim Mini“ at the Tennsee
Excerpt from the menu

Small appetizers cold and warm

24 Veal boiled beef on dill bean salad, garnished with fresh horseradish, with farmhouse bread – EUR 13,55

27 Beetroot tartare (vegetarian) with grilled goat cheese, honey and roasted sunflower seeds of marinated leaf salads, with baguette 16,95

Hot Favourites from the Soup Pot

26 Clear oxtail soup with ham slices – EUR 5,90

20 Kohlrabi cream soup (vegetarian) with croutons – EUR 5,90

Fresh, crunchy salads from the market

16 Salad plate Tennsee Art With various leaf and raw vegetable salads fresh from the market with house dressing and baguette – EUR 14,00
additionally optionally
– with falafel (vegetarian) – EUR 20,90
– with fried chicken breast– EUR 21,90
– with fried strips of beef – EUR 22,90

Fish dishes

81 Matjes fillet housewife style Three fillets in a spicy yogurt crème fraîche sauce2 with apples, onions and pickles2, with boiled potatoes
and a small salad– EUR 18,25

38 Zander fillet Müllerin Art roasted in brown butter with leaf spinach and boiled potatoes – EUR 24,95

Tennsee classic

73 Small Kaiserschmarrn (vegetarian) (Preparation time approx. 30 min.) with raisins (5), sliced almonds, powdered sugar and applesauce – EUR 9,50

99 Homemade cheese spaetzle (vegetarian) with roasted onions and marinated leaf lettuce – EUR 14,25

43 Baked chicken with melted butter, lemon wedges, Bavarian potato salad  (2, 7, 10) and marinated leaf lettuce – EUR 17,95

140 Cheese dumplings (vegetarian) with brown butter and shaved Parmesan on lettuce – EUR 17,55

51 Roast pork from the neck with red cabbage and homemade bread dumplings – EUR 17,95

54 Cream schnitzel with cream mushrooms (7, 10) peas and homemade butter spaetzle– EUR 19,55

144 Schäufele Franconian specialty of pork shoulder with bone and rind, served with potato dumplings and coleslaw – EUR 21,50

148 Böflamott Braised beef shoulder in red wine sauce, with kohlrabi vegetables and bacon mashed potatoes – EUR 23,95

44 Wiener Schnitzel Breaded veal schnitzel with lemon slices, anchovies and capers, served with French fries, cranberries and marinated leaf salad – EUR 25,55

252 Tennsee- Grill plate Turkey breast, pork and beef loin, Specklatton710 and grilled sausages (4, 7) served on green beans, with hearty roasted potatoes (7, 10) and herb butter – EUR 24,95

39 Roast beef with onions of saddle of beef with fried onions, gravy and hearty roasted potatoes (7, 10) with marinated leaf salad – EUR 29,55

Snacks and Sandwiches

20 Fiery goulash soup with good meat, peppers, diced potatoes and mixed bread – EUR 6,70

29 3 pieces of „Wiener Würstchen“(4, 7)  with mustard and bread– EUR 8,25

253 A pair of Munich white sausages (7, 10) with sweet mustard and a pretzel – EUR 8,25

30 Strammer Max Slice of farmhouse bread with cooked ham and fried egg – EUR 13,00

77 Pretzel dumpling sausage salad Dumpling and meat sausage slices (2, 4, 7) with onion rings and vinegar-oil dressing, – EUR 14,00

79 Homemade pork head brawn Boiled pig’s head (11) in aspic, garnished with onion rings, with remoulade sauce2 and hearty roasted potatoes (7, 10) – EUR 14,90

87 Bavarian snack Mountain cheese, butcher’s ham (11), smoked sausage (10), bacon (10), Camembert cream, pickle (2), horseradish, bread and butter – EUR 18,95

Meals for two people (on pre-order)

60 Saddle of suckling pig on cream sauerkraut, with dark beer sauce, carrots, broccoli and homemade pretzel dumplings p.p. – EUR 42,95

61 Roast beef pink roasted with tatar sauce, homemade herb butter, seasonal vegetables, sautéed mushrooms and potato variations p.p. – EUR 48,95

62 Veal knuckle gardener Art with gravy, selected market vegetables and dumpling variations p.p. – EUR 45,95

Ice cream menu

Mixed ice 3 scoops of your choice topped with an ice cream cone – EUR 6,50/ 7,40 with cream

Iced coffee Melting vanilla ice cream in coffee – EUR 6,50/ 7,40 with cream

Ice chocolate with delicious vanilla and chocolate ice cream – EUR 6,50/ 7,40 with cream

Blueberry cloud Blueberry buttermilk ice cream on natural yogurt with blueberry sauce – EUR 8,60/ 9,40 with cream

Chocolate temptation Chocolate and stracciatella ice cream, refined with chocolate sauce – EUR 9,00/ 9,80 with cream

Ice cream with hot raspberries Vanilla ice cream with hot raspberries in red fruit sauce – EUR 8,60/ 9,40€with cream

Tennsee mug Crunchy creation with walnut and vanilla ice cream with eggnog, bedded on fruit – EUR 8,60/ 9,40 with cream

Homemade desserts

Semolina flammeri with rhubarb groats and cream – EUR 7,00

Cherry tart made from puff pastry and marzipan with vanilla ice cream and cream – EUR 7,00

Curd cream with elderberry pear ragout – EUR 7,00

Homemade apple strudel according to grandma’s recipe, served with vanilla ice cream and cream – EUR 7,90

Creme Brulee flambéed with rum, garnished with fruit – EUR 8,00

Crêpe Suzette flambéed with orange liqueur sauce and walnut ice cream – EUR 18,00


Spaetzle with gravy – EUR 4,20

Children’s fries with ketchup or mayonnaise – EUR 4,00

Spaghetti Bolognese – EUR 6,95

Homemade cheese spaetzle with roasted onions – EUR 7,50

Children’s schnitzel with French fries, plus ketchup or mayonnaise – EUR 8,95

Meat patties with peas and Mashed potatoes – EUR 8,50

Baked chicken with potato salad – EUR 8,50

Fish fillet naturally fried with boiled potato and cucumber salad – EUR 9,20


Scoop of ice cream of your choice – EUR 2,00

1  with pigment ( E124, E211, E150d)
2 preserving agent in cucumber (E250, E220)
3 with Antioxidant (Natriumetabisulfat)
4 taste amplifier E621
5  sulphurised
6 with black pigment
7 with phosphate
8 with saccharin
9 with chinin
10 with smoke
11  Nitritpökelsalz

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