Restaurant „Beim Mini“ at the Tennsee
Excerpt from the menu

 Cold hors d´oeuvre

24 Vitello tonnato slices of veal with tuna sauce, served with baguette – EUR 10,95

27 Camembert ( 3 pieces) fried in almonds, fruits, fried parsley cranberries, butter and toast – EUR 10,95

 Hot Favourites from the Soup Pot either as a Starter or Entrée

26 Bavarian Liver Dumpling Soup rich meat stock with one liver dumpling – EUR 5,70

21 Rich beef broth with stripes of pancake and fresh parsley – EUR 5,70

20 Homemade Goulash Soup (1)  “hot” with a lot of meat and diced potatoes, one slice of bread– EUR 6,50

 Fresh Salads

16 Salad “ homemade style”

Seasonal green salads with tomatoes, beans, cucumber, egg and
– couscous, with house dressing – EUR 13,00
– with smoked mackerel fillet (10) – EUR 19,90
– with smoked tofu(10) – EUR 19,90
– with fried chicken breast – EUR 20,90
– with marinated beef – EUR 21,90

Small bowl of leaf salad – EUR 5,00
Small bowl of mixed side salad – EUR 7,00

 Vegetarian Dishes

73  Kaiserschmarrn (Emperor´s Pancakes, prep time 30min) with raisins, roasted almonds and apple mousse – EUR 11,90

99 Home made Swabian noodles with cheese gratin, roasted onions and salad – EUR 13,25

48 Home made spinach dumpling served with seasonal vegetables and parmesan – EUR 15,25

140 Home made Cheese-dumpling with brown butter, grated parmesan and leaf salads aside – EUR 16,95

35 Baked eggplant with quinoa, kidney beans, tomatoes, vegan meat and leaf salad – EUR 17,35

142 Vegetarian slices with Toulouse sauce in baked potatoes, served with marinated lettuce – EUR 17,95

 Fish specialities

81 Filets from the tender red Herring “homemade Style” cream sauce2 with onions and apple slices, steamed potatoes – EUR 17,25

38 Sea bass fillet with tomato crust on leaf spinach and pesto potatoes – EUR 23,55

 Bavarian and international specialities

95 Spaghetti Bolognese meat and tomato sauce, parmesan – EUR 13,95

43  Fried chicken with Bavarian potato salad and salad – EUR 16,95

51 Roast Suckling Pig fresh from the oven served with gravy, red cabbage, homemade bread dumplings – EUR 16,95

54 Pork “Schnitzel” in cream mushroom sauce served with homemade Swabian noodles – EUR 18,95

40 Steak from the neck of pork with onions and home fried potatoes – EUR 18,95

144 Schäufele Bavarian specialty from pork, served with potato dumpling and Bavarian cabbage salad – EUR 20,50

148 Braised Shoulder of veal Served with pepper cream sauce, mixed vegetables and potatoes– EUR 20,25

44 “Schnitzel” Vienna Style served with French fried potatoes, cranberries  and salad – EUR 24,95

252 Tennsee Barbecue plate roasted turkey, pork and beef, bacon and grilled sausages, served with home fried potatoes and herb butter – EUR 21,95

39 Zwiebelrostbraten Roasted beef(ca 200g) with fried onions, home fried potatoes and salad – EUR 28,95

56 Venison goulash “Baden-Baden” with pear and cranberries, served with kohlrabi and herb gnocchi – EUR 24,95

 Snacks and Sandwiches

26 Bavarian Liver Dumpling Soup rich meat stock with one liver dumpling – EUR 5,70

20 Homemade Goulash Soup  “hot” with a lot of meat and diced potatoes, one slice of bread – EUR 6,50

29 3 Wiener sausages, mustard and bread – EUR 7,95

253 Münchner Weißwurst pair of sausages with sweet mustard and a bavarian pretzel – EUR 7,95

30 Chili with beef Ragout with minced meat, kidney beans and corn, served with bread – EUR 13,95

31 Chili sin Carne (vegan) ragout with vegan minced meat, kidney beans and corn, served with bread – EUR 13,95

146 Grilled brad
– with cream cheese, avocado cream, tomato and salad – EUR 9,95
– served with smoked mackerel – EUR 16,95
– served with smoked tofu – EUR 16,95
– served with slices of beef – EUR 18,90

78 Swiss Sausage Salad Lyoner sausage cut into stripes, cheese, cucumber, tomatoes and  sauce vinaigrette, served with bread and butter – EUR 13,00

77 Bavarian Sausage Salad Lyoner sausage slices with onions, sauce vinaigrette, bread and butter – EUR 12,00

79 Pork head in aspic with onions, sauce remoulade and home fried potatoes – EUR 13,90

87 Bavarian Bread– time- board Mountain cheese, pork butcher ham, fireplace turmeric, black forest ham, spicy cucumber, horseradish, bread and butte r– EUR 17,95

Liebe Gäste, soweit Sie von Allergien betroffen sind, melden Sie sich beim Service. Gerne gibt Ihnen unsere separate Allergikerkarte Auskunft über die in den Speisen enthaltenen allergenen Zutaten.

Unsere Gerichte sind auf Anfrage auch als Seniorenportion erhältlich.

1 mit Farbstoff (E124, E211, E150d)
2 mit Konservierungsstoff in der sauren Gurke (E250, E220)
3 mit Antioxidationsmittel (Natriumetabisulfit)
4 mit Geschmacksverstärker E621
5 geschwefelt
6 geschwärzt
7 mit Phosphat
8 mit Süßungsmittel im Ketchup
9 mit Chinin
10 mit Rauch
11 mit Nitritpökelsalz

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